Dolphin Watching and Turtle Snorkeling, with a delicious lunch and an exhilarating 20-foot sea slide!

'Dolphins and You' Official Tours

Experience the ultimate in Hawaiian adventure with our Premier Tours, including the highly sought-after Dolphins and You tour!

♥NA means for the safety of infants, they are Not Allowed. 

*Our buses and boats are NOT wheelchair accessible.


Dolphin Watch, Turtle Snorkel, Lunch & 20 Foot Slide!

"Slide for Life!" (with each slide, youʻll feel a little bit younger).

On this 3 hour excursion, you will take in the breathtaking views of the most untouched coastline of Oahu while experiencing the magic of wild dolphins, safely and respectfully. Your day will conclude with a snorkel with marine life such as Green Sea Turtles, tropical fish, and much more in the pristine waters of the pacific ocean.

Adults: $189 
Kids (2-11): $146 
Infants (0-1): NA

Island & You

Oahu Local Food and Sights

Oahu's rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and delectable cuisine! Our expert guides will accompany you as you traverse the island, providing fascinating insights into the captivating culture and background of Oahu Tours.

Adults: $118 
Kids (2-11): $94 
Infants (0-1): NA

♥NA means for the safety of infants, they are Not Allowed.


Waikiki Turtle Canyon Snorkel w/ Musubi Included

Come join us for a fun-filled, 2-hour adventure where you will get to snorkel with Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles. After experiencing what the ocean has to offer under the surface, we will serve you a gourmet musubi that you can enjoy while watching the crew perform a traditional Hula on board our state-of-the-art tour boat, the Ariya II.

Adults: $125 
Kids (2-11): $99
Infants (0-1): NA

Nature & You: Waimea

Waterfall Swim ~ Mini-Breakfast & Lunch Included!

First, we'll stop by Green World Coffee for breakfast treats. Then, we'll venture to Waimea Valley for a hike and a refreshing swim under a magnificent 45-foot waterfall. After the swim, we'll provide a delicious lunch. Lastly, we'll visit the Dole Plantation for a self-purchased Dole Whip Ice Cream.

Adults: $149 
Kids (3-11): $134 
Infants (0-2): NA

Ocean & YOu

Waikiki Coast Sunset Cocktail Cruise!

Think this is just another short cruise cruise where you’ll sit down and listen to a radio while sipping watered down drinks? Think again, because our sunset party cruise is like no other. Our luxury powerboat is equipped with a state-of-the-art sound/lighting system controlled by a professional live DJ as well as a full service bar manned by a bartender who will hand craft your favorite adult beverages for you as you take trips back and forth between the dance floor.

Adults: $79

*$99 for Friday Fireworks

Persons under 21yrs are Not Allowed.

Nature & You: Manoa

Manoa Falls Hike ~ Lunch Included!

Explore the stunning tropical paradise and delve into the rich history and culture of a beloved natural wonder. Trekking through the verdant forests along the Manoa Trail will lead you to the breathtaking Manoa Falls, where the forces of nature and the stories of the past intertwine.

Ages (4+): $99
Infants (0-3): NA

Whales & You

Whale Season is December through March

View wild Humpback whales and other diverse sea life in their natural habitat off of Oahu's stunning Gold Coast. Our crew will share information about their fascinating annual journey!

15% off when you book with Promo Code: "EARLYBIRD"

*To use the promo code, you must make your reservation at least 30 days in advance.

Adults: $99 $84
Kids (2-11): $69 $58
Infants (0-1): NA

*Price after promo is applied.

'Real' Google Reviews

Daniela Fisher

24 reviews

My husband and I did the “dolphins and you” tour and oh my god…. Just breathtaking. Everything looks UNREAL. Everyone was super friendly. Specially our guy Sue! He was fantastic the whole trip. I recommend getting the picture package. Worth it! (Google Review)

Christine Borges

7 reviews

We loved this tour. Everyone on the crew was great! Our photographer Quinn made sure my daughter was able to see a sea turtle while snorkeling. We had a great time and would love to do this again! (Google Review)

Gina Regueira

18 reviews

Anoi and Big B were amazing tour guides to our water adventure tour - Dolphins and You. Very friendly and welcoming. Anoi also was in charge of taking all the pics - make sure to get the package, it’s worth it. The entire crew was great, friendly and fun. We got to see a bunch of Hawaiian Dolphins and sea turtle plus other sea life. There’s snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, floats, etc. great experience! (Google Review)

Tony Brassell

Local Guide·88 reviews

We had a brilliant trip out with Dolphins and You. Sway looked after us from the moment we were picked up from our hotel and the team on the boat under skipper Danni and Tour Guide, Cyre, were excellent. I am not great in the water but I felt safe during the snorkeling phase seeing many beautiful fish and a turtle. We also saw spinner dolphins. It was a fabulous day out and the highlight of our short visit to Hawaii. Thank you. (Google Review)

Rhianna Branden

3 reviews

Crew & captain were all amazing!!! From transportation round trip, arrival, excursion, lunch, photos/videos, Hawaiian prayer with floral release & experiencing wild life in their true form as one with the ocean…truly the highlight of our trip. We saw humpback whales, sea turtles, eagle rays & swam with dolphins out in the deep blue. If I could give 10 stars I would & next time we visit Hawaii we will be booking with them again. (Google Review)

Amberly DeWitt

27 reviews

Absolutely amazing!! We didn't get to actually swim with dolphins (due to understandable circumstances) our tour saw many bottlenose dolphins and humpback whales. We swam with tropical fish and turtles. The slide was a fun addition to an already fabulous trip. Our photographer, Lukas was great and did a fantastic job making sure everyone was in photographs as well as all of the wildlife. Captain Jerry friendly and personable. (Google Review)

Geoff Ford

23 reviews

Five stars is not enough! Had a great time on and off the boat, dolphins, turtles, manta rays, seals and plenty of friendly fish to see. The best snorkelling trip in Hawaii. Sway set the scene nicely and took some amazing family photos. Syrah danced like a godess and Jeremy was a great guide and kept us all entertained. A big thank you to Alex and Captain Jerry for spotting the wildlife. A great tour and I highly recommend it. (Google Review)

Naadia Puri

Local Guide·18 reviews

Best experience of my Life!! I truly wish every tour company was like this, everyone was so friendly and had such great energy and great vibes all around!! Can’t emphasis enough how amazing this tour group is, they are so welcoming and uplifting! The tour was thrilling, exciting and an unforgettable experience!! Saw nearly 50 dolphins and swam with a wild sea turtle and lots of beautiful fish! The water slide was the icing on top! (Google Review)

Dolphins and You
View Hawaiian Dolphins and Enjoy a Sea Turtle Snorkel with Complimentary Lunch & 20 Foot Slide!

Adult: $189
Child (2-11): $146
Infants (0-1):

The award-winning Dolphins and You tour has been sharing the beauty of Hawaiis culture and environment with guests for the past 30 years. Let our expert team share the spirit of Aloha and take you on the Hawaiian adventure of a lifetime.

♥NA means for the safety of infants, they are Not Allowed.

Waikiki Hotel Transportation Included!

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And You Creations, Dolphins & You: Mission Statement & Vision

“It is our intention to serve humanity by creating a living bridge between the world of cultures, religious beliefs, and different lifestyles, so that we may collectively create a unity of heart, mind, and soul.  It is throughout these experiences that we come to realize that we are truly one in spirit, and that we co-exist in a life filled with love and abundance.”

And You Creations, Dolphins & You: Sustainability Mission Statement

“And You Creations is committed to promoting and practicing environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being, and quality education through our tour activities and our local community.”

Dolphins and You is committed to protecting the dolphins and wildlife of Hawaii’s fragile ecosystem. The wildlife of of Hawaii is impacted heavily by the disposal of trash in our oceans. While on our dolphin tour, our crew has spotted dolphins playing with trash in the water, which the dolphins can mistake as leaves or other organic material. Ingesting this hazardous material can be detrimental to dolphins, as it accumulates in their stomachs and digestive tracks. To combat this, the team at Dolphins and You decided to participate in a beach cleanup on the Kahuku Golf Course Beach. This cleanup helped remove micro plastics and larger plastic particles from the oceans shore so that dolphins and other marine life would not be at risk of ingesting the plastic. Our goal is always to protect Hawaii’s environment and our dolphin friends however we can, so that we may continue our dolphin tour safely for generations to come!

Dolphins and You is the original tour of

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Let’s make incredible memories on your Hawaiian adventure!

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The Dolphins and You team is dedicated to minimizing the impact we have on Hawaiis wildlife and fragile Hawaiian ecosystems. Our team actively promotes environmental awareness for Hawaii and beyond, so that generations to come will be able to experience the beauty of Hawaii. 

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