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We offer 5 other premier tours in Hawaii as well as the Dolphins and You tour! These tours include a Hawaiian turtle snorkel, an exciting whale watch, a premiere booze cruise in Waikiki, as well as an authentic Hawaiian circle-island tour of Oahu, and a nature walk leading to a famous Hawaiian waterfall! 

Dolphins and You
View Hawaiian Dolphins and Enjoy a Sea Turtle Snorkel with Complimentary Lunch & 20 Foot Slide!

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The award-winning Dolphins and You tour has been sharing the beauty of Hawaiis culture and environment with guests for the past 30 years. Let our expert team share the spirit of Aloha and take you on the Hawaiian adventure of a lifetime. 

Waikiki Hotel Transportation Included!

Dolphin Diaries

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Dolphins are fascinating creatures that are widely known to be highly intelligent. These mammals do not have a specific time of year that they mate, and are known to mate and give birth...

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Dolphins in the Navy!

It is not uncommon to see security patrol dogs sniffing around a public space, using their sense of smell to detect potential hazards. It is much less likely that you have heard of...

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Dolphins and You is committed to protecting the dolphins and wildlife of Hawaiis fragile ecosystem. The wildlife of of Hawaii is impacted heavily by the disposal of trash in our oceans. While on our dolphin tour, our crew has spotted dolphins playing with trash in the water, which the dolphins can mistake as leaves or other organic material. Ingesting this hazardous material can be detrimental to dolphins, as it accumulates in their stomachs and digestive tracks. To combat this, the team at Dolphins and You decided to participate in a beach cleanup on the Kahuku Golf Course Beach. This cleanup helped remove micro plastics and larger plastic particles from the oceans shore so that dolphins and other marine life would not be at risk of ingesting the plastic. Our goal is always to protect Hawaiis environment and our dolphin friends however we can, so that we may continue our dolphin tour safely for generations to come!

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The Dolphins and You team is dedicated to minimizing the impact we have on Hawaiis wildlife and fragile Hawaiian ecosystems. Our team actively promotes environmental awareness for Hawaii and beyond, so that generations to come will be able to experience the beauty of Hawaii. 

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