Our Journeys are unique and embrace the true Aloha Spirit from swimming with playful Spinner Dolphins in blue Hawaii's pristine waters. With clear blue waters and superb coral reefs enjoy and discover new species! Come and see the beauty of Hawaii!


Dolphins and You

In the past, over 200,000 people have participated in AYC's most popular tour Dolphins and You.

Spend quality time with dolphins and sea creatures in the West Coast of Oahu, where wilderness still remains untouched. Memories made here are unforgettable for the rest of your life. Our friendly local crew members will guide you in experiencing the real Hawaii and its culture. We hope that you will experience the freedom of spirit and learn something from the way the dolphins live.

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What you can expect from our Dolphin & You Tour On the day of the tour, we will start with a wake-up call and our crew member will pick you up at your accommodation. During the tour, you will enjoy swimming with dolphins, various entertainments from the crew, and special lunch, made by your captain! Please be sure to check the agenda before your tour date.

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Cassie Whitworth


I wish I could give more than 5 stars for my Dolphins and You experience! Everything was extremely easy during the booking process, which included a pick up confirmation and courtesy call the morning of the tour.
The bus is extremely comfortable and equipped with a large tv screen to watch welcome and safety videos and gives you an idea of what to expect if you haven't watched the video on the website already. The quick trip to Waianae harbor felt like it took only 5 minutes! The goggles/find and wetsuit (rental) were new and comfortable.

Even though the weather was a bit overcast and light rain, we still saw several pods of dolphins immediately.
The dolphins swam around the boat and underneath us after we entered the water.
What an incredible experience to see about 50 dolphins (to include baby dolphins) and be within 20 feet! After we swam around with the dolphins we moved in closer for water activities: water slide, stand up paddle boarding, canoeing, more snorkeling.
The crew had freshly grilled cheeseburgers, chips, pineapple, and drinks ready for lunch when we got back on the boat.

Delicious! Then the crew entertained us with hula dancing and then taught everyone a dance.
We were all engaged and entertained the entire tour.
The crew and captain were very knowledge about the location, traditions, marine life.
I can't believe I've lived in Hawaii for many years and haven't taken advantage of Dolphins and You until now.
I highly recommend this tour to tourists AND locals!


Monterey Park


One of my favorite experiences when I visit Hawaii last week! The crew made you feel welcomed and comfortable. They were so outgoing, hilarious & just sweet. Always checked up on you in the water and on the boat. Got to see plenty of dolphins!! Crazy to know how they know where the dolphins are at and how comfortable the dolphins were to be around so many people. Activities after snorkeling with dolphins was fun.

They included a slide & paddle board. Lunch- omg I never knew a taro burger existed & Im craving it back home in LA. It was so good!! The captain had let my boyfriend steer the boat for a couple minutes, such a wonderful experience to talk to them and see the view of the ocean and surroundings. Even though I'm not a good swimmer they made me feel so comfortable and safe while snorkeling. Only downside was that I don't think the pictures are worth $60 since there was only about 7 pictures of my boyfriend and I out of the 100+ pictures there was, but it's a great memory to have!! Shipping was very fast, I went 8/22/17 and received it 8/26/17. Other than that, Dolphins & you was the highlight of my trip. Definitely recommend everyone who is reading this to experience D&Y. You will have such a great time.


Dee Dee K


Worth every penny!!! We're from Vegas and are used to show rooms and being wowed but I have to tell you, this dolphin tour is probably one of the most memorable of all the trips we've ever taken to Oahu. I took my two daughters, ages 13 and 10 and they had the time of their lives! The majority of enjoyment is thanks to the staff. Much Mahalo to second tour crew Captain Kai, Tati and all you guys- you really bring the spirit of Aloha on this tour. It was so fun that I can't even gather the right words- this is definitely something that has to be experienced first hand.

Yes, you do sign a waiver releasing the company of liability if u want to go on this tour-so you better know how to swim, and if you don't, keep your butt in the boat. But they supply life jackets (for kids too) and snorkel gear. I noticed quite a few ppl on board got sea sick- but hey- the crew already showed you where the special buckets are for that. That being said, if u get sea sick easily, should probably take your medicine before you board. It was explained that they can't guarantee a dolphin sighting but they would do their best.

We saw...maybe 30 dolphins, schools of beautiful fish and a gorgeous sea turtle. After we saw the dolphins, the staff inflated a slide and brought out other water toys. Then it was lunch time- poi burgers and chips- u can bring your own food if you're picky. We were fortunate enough for the crew to put on a little show for us; showcasing their talents of song and hula. Truly a beautiful experience that my girls and I will never forget. If this wasn't on your bucket list before, it should be on there now. Thanks to all the staff of Dolphins and You-keep up the great work!!!!

Trip Advisor



We had a blast!! The crew is young and extremely enthusiastic. You can tell that they love what the do. Who can blame them? Their office is the west coast of Oahu, with nice breezes, sunny days, and sea life. We saw a number of porpoises on our trip, as well as turtles, and even some eagle stingrays. This is a great tour. This is how we finished up our stay in Hawaii. Highly recommend!!

Trip Advisor

Panni M


Trip was everything they said it would be. We were lucky to have two swims with the dophins going directly underneath us. There must have been at least 60 dolphins some with their babies which was nice. The snorkel spot was fantastic with turtles and heaps of fish. Crew were amazing very entertaining. The fact that you can get that close,to,dolphins is a,acing.