Swim with Dolphins in Oahu, Hawaii - Dolphins and You

Our Journeys are unique and embrace the true Aloha Spirit from swimming with playful Spinner Dolphins in blue Hawaii's pristine waters. With clear blue waters and superb coral reefs enjoy and discover new species! Come and see the beauty of Hawaii!


Dolphins and You

In the past, over 100,000 people have participated in AYC's most popular tour.

Spend quality time with dolphins and sea creatures in the West Coast of Oahu, where wilderness still remains untouched. Memories made here are unforgettable for the rest of your life. Our friendly local crew members will guide you in experiencing the real Hawaii and its culture. We hope that you will experience the freedom of spirit and learn something from the way the dolphins live.

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What you can expect from our Dolphin & You Tour On the day of the tour, we will start with a wake-up call and our crew member will pick you up at your accommodation. During the tour, you will enjoy swimming with dolphins, various entertainments from the crew, and special lunch, made by your captain! Please be sure to check the agenda before your tour date.

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There are more than just swimming with dolphins!

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Aloha, my name is Richard and I am the owner of And You Creations. Currently, I am going back and forth between Hawaii and Japan. Ever since I was young, I have been living a healthy and spiritual life. No matter how busy I am, I never miss yoga or meditation. This a trick to staying calm no matter how busy we are.



Aloha! My name is Shanti and I am a boat captain and the general manager here at Dolphin and You. Born in Japan and raised in Hawaii. Thanks to my parents, I was raised on this beautiful island with much Aloha and places to explore--especially on our boat, Ariya, on the open sea. I love seeing our guests going home with lots of smiles.



Aloha! I am Kaina, the Operation Manager. From swimming to body surfing, surfing to canoeing, I love any ocean sports! I am from Kailua, Oahu and I am very proud of my Hawaiian heritage. I am very happy to share the Aloha spirit with all the guests of the tour.



Aloha! My name is Yui and I am in charge of PR, here at Dolphins and You. I fell in love with dolphins since I first swam with them in the Ogasawara Islands, 18 years ago. In search for more time with the dolphins, I found myself in Hawaii. I feel the happiest when I'm swimming with the dolphins! (Sorry, husband!)



Aloha, my name is Mike and I am one of the boat captains. Ever since I was a little child, I had been surfind and boxing. As for work, I have only worked on the sea as a boat captain or a crew member. But, I have once played a role of a guy getting chased by dinosaurs, in the movie 'Jurrasic Park', filmed in Hawaii.



Aloha, my name is Tommy, the transportation manager. I have been driving Hawaii's best transportation service, "The Bus", for more than 30 years. I am very happy to have the opportunity to show our guests the West Side, where I'm from!



Aloha! My name is Hiromi and I am in charge for accounting, here at Dolphin and You. Before finding myself in Hawaii, I lived in Seattle, Washington. I like the moist & rich Seattle, I also love the bright sun of Hawaii. I enjoy working here and being able to see the guests' faces after their tour. When their happy, I'm happy!



Aloha! My name is Bernard and I am one of the drivers. I have 35 years of experience driving, so I know safety always come first. I'm always happy to share the magic of Hawaii with first-time visitors and repeat visitors to our beautiful island.



Aloha, my name is Mai and I am one of the tour guides, here at Dolphin and You. I love to swim with dolphins because I believe they give me energy and power. With more than 10 years of yoga experience, I also teach classes at Aloha Mai Yoga.



Hi, I am Matt and I am one of the drivers. I know every roads in Oahu, the whole island seems to be my backyard. On my days off, I am typically surfing. When I was young, I often participated in surfing competitions. I love the sea as much as I love this island!



Aloha, my name is Kaena and I am one of the crew members here at Dolphins and You. I love to laugh and hang out with our guests on the sea. On my days off, I often practice the hula. I participate in Hawaii's historic hula celebration, the Merry Monarch. Come see me perform my hula on the tour!



Aloha! My name is Morri and I am a professional photographer for Dolphins & You. Taking and sharing many pictures of the beautiful ocean and dolphins is what makes me the happiest. I am currently studying Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii, so I have extensive knowledge of Hawaiian sea life and would love to share it with you.



Aloha! I am Toshi and I am the Sales Manager. Born and raised in Hyogo Prefecture. I have also spent 16 years in Saipan, before I finally made it here to Hawaii. I am still a new-comer to Hawaii, but I really enjoy the nature of Oahu. The ocean and mountains are where I really like to hang out on my days off. Let me know if you'd like to know more about the beauty & nature of Oahu!



Aloha, my name is Kaiona and I am one of the crew members. I wam from West Oahu and can speak fluent Hawaiian. I have been dancing hula since I was a child and love to play ukulele and sing many different songs. I would love to convey this wonderful Hawaiin culture to all of our guests.



Aloha, my name is Sakiko and I am one of the tour guides here at Dolphins and You. I am from Tokyo, Japan. I feel super lucky to have this job because I have the opportunity to be able to laugh and enjoy the adventures together with my guests. Let's enjoy the beauty of nature in this wonderful island, together!

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