Dolpins and You

Our Company

Our goal is to share the Dolphins and You experience, hoping it will open our guests’ minds and spirit to realize that we all live in an abundantly beautiful and mystical world.

Dolphins and You is committed to protecting Hawaii’s unique natural environment and host culture through the promotion of responsible travel and educational programs, relating to sustainable tourism for residents, business and visitors. Dolphins and You is committed to promoting environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being, and quality education within the travel and tourism community. Dolphins and You is certified by the HEA, Hawaii Ecotourism Association as a Certified Sustainable Tour. For more information about the Hawaii Ecotourism Association please visit

Where it all started

About twenty-five years ago, I read a book about the connection between man and dolphin and felt there was something I needed to learn from the wild dolphins. Soon after, I had a chance to swim with these dolphins for the first time in my life, and had a spiritual experience that I wanted to share with everybody!

The idea of sharing such an experience, along with the urge to open new possibilities between man and dolphins, gave me the inspiration to start such a tour.

Our Commitment

We promise you’re going to have an amazing, unforgettable and wildly exciting experience with Dolphins and You. On our tour you’ll have a special opportunity to see Hawaii in its full, natural, pristine beauty – including its world famous spinner dolphins. We’ve said it since our very first tour: these beautiful dolphins have an energy unlike any other creature. You may feel the dolphins unleash an “unknown” spirit within your heart that you’ve never known before. You better believe it! Learn to embrace the experience and show the dolphins love with no compromise. After all, they are the ultimate free spirits!

Dolpins and You

The Crew

Dolphin and You's most valuable asset is its staff. We all love the ocean, and are fun-loving people who want to share the aloha spirit with you.


Looking to spread the Aloha spirit to friends and visitors from across the globe? Join our crew and be a part of a truly special family.

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