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'Want to know where to get the best Mai Tai in Oahu? How about the Hawaiian attractions only locals know about? If you’re looking for the best travel tips and ideas for your next vacation to Hawaii, you’ll find them here!

Why You Should Visit The Honolulu Museum Of Art

If you are planning a trip to Hawaii, you are probably thinking about all of the time you are going to spend on the beach. However, you might want a little something that spending all your time outdoors can’t offer. If time permits, you should also try to see the Honolulu Museum of Art while […]


Learning More About The History Of Polynesian Tattoos

If you have ever watched a movie that featured Polynesian characters, you have probably noticed that many of those characters have tattoos across their torsos. What you may not know is that these tattoos have a ton of history and significance behind them. If you would like to learn more about the history of Polynesian […]


Learning More About Traditional Polynesian And Hawaiian Foods

If you’re a fan of great food (and who isn’t!), then you will definitely want to try some traditional Polynesian and Hawaiian foods. This type of cuisine offers a variety of flavors that will dazzle your taste buds. Whether you are planning a luau, or taking a trip to Hawaii, here are a few of […]


Enjoy The Best Of Kauai – Hike Waimea Canyon

The Waimea Canyon, located in the Hawaiian Islands, is also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. Located on Kauai, this canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the islands. The canyon stretches almost ten miles, and is nearly one mile across! It is more than 3,000 feet deep and lush with […]


A Brief History of the Hawaiian Hula

Hula dancing has been part of Hawaiian culture since ancient times. However, even Hawaiians themselves are not exactly sure about its true origin. There are many regions, especially in the Hawaiian Islands, that claim to have been the birthplace of hula. One thing is abundantly clear; all Hawaiians believe the hula was a gift from […]


The Hawaiian Tropical Botanical Garden and Onomea Bay

Aloha! Hawaii welcomes you to the greatest preservation of natural history and pristine beauty in the Middle of the Pacific Ocean. The “Garden Valley by the Sea” lies 8 miles north of the town of Hilo on the largest Hawaiian Island. Look for signs along the 4 scenic miles of Hamakua Scenic Drive if you […]


Learning More About Traditional Hawaiian Songs

Hawaii has made many a contribution to the music world. It isn’t at all uncommon to hear Hawaiian-style music in Hollywood films, and country artists often use the same kinds of steel guitars that Hawaiians did long ago. However, this music stemmed from traditional Hawaiian music and songs. Read on if you would like to […]


Honolulu Zoo Information and Fun Facts

There are many attractions one can check out when they visit Honolulu. One that is definitely worthy of consideration is the Honolulu Zoo, which is a very popular attraction. Let’s explore some information about the Honolulu Zoo! You will learn about the history, the attractions, and some general information you need to know before you […]


Experiencing Hawaii Through Its Festivals

Are you planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands? Most people think of pristine beaches and glorious sunsets when they think of Hawaii, but the Islands offer much more if a visitor is willing to step away from the popular tourist spots. The average visitor spends their time walking along Waikiki Beach, or watching the […]


The Many Volcanoes Of Hawaii

Hawaii is the only U.S. state that exists completely on volcanic rock. The island chain is riddled with active volcanoes, which have been evolving for the last 70 million years. The beautiful islands that are visible to the eye are only a fraction of what is underneath the ocean. There, the islands are composed almost […]


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