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'Want to know where to get the best Mai Tai in Oahu? How about the Hawaiian attractions only locals know about? If you’re looking for the best travel tips and ideas for your next vacation to Hawaii, you’ll find them here!

Take a bite at one of the best Burrito place in Waikiki

Looking for a Burrito to eat lunch in Waikiki? There is an area that has customizable burrito place located near Waikiki. There are a variety of toppings to choose from, and there are many sauces available to add as well. One of the exciting menus they have is the Loco Moco burrito which is a local Hawaiian style with egg, rice, and meat which is one of the great choices when visiting Hawaii. Another best thing they have is how […]


Pau Hana! Best Waikiki Happy Hours!

Waikiki can be a very expensive place! One way to save on food or drink is to take advantage of happy hour specials—also known as “pau hana” (end of work) or “aloha hour” in Hawaii. Whether in Hawaii on a family vacation, honeymoon, or traveling with friends, you’ll be happy to know that some of the best places for happy hour are right in Waikiki so you won’t need to get in the car and deal with traffic or parking […]


Duty Free Store in Hawaii

Having a hard time searching for souvenirs? There is a place where you can get your souvenirs tax free without paying taxes at the store. A place called TGalleria (DFS) is a very nice place located in Waikiki. This is a highly recommended place to go visit once and see what they have available for you. If you need souvenirs from Hawaii this is the perfect place to shop. TGalleria Waikiki Store Duty-Free Shop DFS TGalleria is in the central part […]


What’s special about dolphins

Interesting facts about dolphins Historical back grounds! Long ago before humans were born dolphins used to be four legged animals that walked on land. There are fossils found that dates back from 50 million years ago. It’s amazing that dolphins lived longer than humans. After a long period of time dolphins were adapted and became marine mammals due to the climate change on earth. After the occurrence of many natural disasters, dating back from millions of years, dolphins has transformed […]


Having lunch at Duke’s

Enjoying all you can eat at Duke’s in Waikiki, Honolulu, Hi Today the staffs at And You Creations had a lunch together at Duke’s. Duke’s was nominated as number one on Trip Advisor for having good foods. At 20 dollars per person you can enjoy all you can eat at lunch time with variety of Pastas and Salads. There deserts is the best with chocolate and ice cream yum! The place is very good for all ages. The menu has […]


Eating Udon (noodle) for Lunch

Marukame Udon in Waikiki About Marukame Udon Marukame Udon has opened its doors to Waikiki, Hawaii in 2011. During the 1900s there were lot’s of Japanese immigrants who entered Hawaii. Majority of Japanese locals has changed the way people eat in Hawaii. As a result of the Japanese influence, today there are over countless number of Japanese restaurants here in Oahu, Hawaii. What’s good about Marugame Udon Marukame Udon is a famous noodle chain in Japan that is quite unique. […]


Top 3 healthy organic grocery stores in Oahu

What is so special about the organic super market Inside Oahu there are variety of different types of super markets. Even though there are lot’s to choose from, people will prefer to choose fresh and organic produce. Oahu is getting a lot of Organic supermarket coming in to expand which is great for locals and tourists since there will be more chance of getting fresh produce goods. Hawaii’s top 3 Organic super market Today we will be talking about the […]


Authentic Asian cuisine in Waikiki

Try variety of amazing Asian cuisine in Waikiki First of all, let me introduce an authentic Asian style restaurant located near And You Creations in Waikiki. What I think so great about this place is that they have very delicious drinks from all around the world. The drink menu has various types of beer and cocktails that you cannot drink in one place. And the food is wonderful which you can choose a variety of types of Asian cuisine. It […]


North Shore spiritual spot

About the spiritual spot Today we will like to share about the powerful Hawaiian goddess “Pele” and her sacred grounds. “Pele’s Followers” is a special place located in North Shore Oahu, known for it’s powerful energy and healing. Location of spiritual spot “Pele’s Followers” is located near the west side of Pupukea Beach in North Shore. The beach is behind a community of houses, although it might be a little difficult to access there is a small path that leads […]


Sacred Hawaiian Tea -Only in Hawaii-

Sacred Hawaiian Tea -Only in Hawaii- -Shaka Tea from herbs Click here for more info about Shaka Tea Shaka tea is from a hand gestures that local people in Hawaii used to greet people. The hand gestures for Shaka is very special since it has started in 1800s. A sugar mill worker named Hamana Kalili who lost his 3 fingers while working was thinking of a good way to greet people. What’s so special is that no matter what happens in your […]


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