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Capturing your Unforgettable Moments: Hawaii Dolphins and You Photo Pacakage

Exploring the wonders of the ocean is a dream for many, but capturing those magical moments can often be a challenge. From the depths of the sea to the deck of the boat, our Dolphins and You tour offers and exhilarating experience filled with marine marvels, and our photo package ensures you don’t miss a single moment of it.

The Challenge of Underwater Photography:
Taking photos underwater can be daunting task, requiring specialized equipment and skills. It is not always easy to capture the beauty of marine life while swimming alongside it. Additionally, on the boat, with the wind and waves, snapping that perfect shot can be equally challenging.

The Need for Extra Gear:
To truly capture the underwater world, extra gear like underwater cameras and waterproof accessories are essential. Without them, your precious memories might remain submerged, unseen and unshared.

Professional Photographers to the Rescue:
But fear not! Our Dolphins and You has professional photographers who are experts at capturing the magic of the sea. They bring top of the line photography equipment, ensuring that every moment is immortalized in stunning detail.

From Dolphins to Whales:
Our photographers don’t just focus on you: they are experts at capturing the beauty of the marine life you encounter. From playful Hawaiian spinner dolphins and majestic Humpback whales to graceful Hawaiian sea turtle honu and even the occasional manta ray or shark, they will preserve these encounters for you to cherish forever!

Convenience at its Finest:
With our photo package, you can leave the photography worries to us and focus solely on enjoying the tour. After the adventure, we provide a convenient way for you to access your photos and videos, whether through a download link or USB drive.

High Quality Memories:
All our photos and videos are captured in stunning 4K quality, ensuring that every detail lis crystal clear. You can relieve your experience and share it with friends and family on social media, showcasing the beauty of the underwater world.

Experience the Dolphins and You Tour:
Hawaii Dolphins and You tour is an unforgettable adventure in itself. Encounter wild spinner dolphins in their natural habitat, and indulge in water activities like snorkeling with turtles, paddle boarding, kayaking, and thrilling water slides.

Exclusive Discount:
For a limited time, we are offering a special 20% off discount on our Dolphins and You tour. Simply use the promotion codeDOLPHINS20 when booking to take advantage of this incredible offer. Visit for more information!

Don’t miss out on this must-do tour when visiting Oahu, Hawaii. Join us for an experience of a lifetime, and let us capture every moment for you to treasure forever.