Dolphin Diaries - May 2nd, 2023

Tour Guide: Rebecca


With Japan lifting its travel restrictions, I have noticed lately that we are receiving more Japanese guests! It warmed my heart to see their happy and excited faces when they saw dolphins today. It reminded me of the old days before covid reigned its destructive course throughout the world. We look forward to having more Japanese guests aboard our boat soon!

What a beautiful day to be out on the crystal-clear waters of Hawaii! As our ship Ariya laid anchor in the harbor, we saw a pod of Spinner dolphins! Everyone was super excited to see them as we saw their spouts pop in and out of the water. Not to mention, we didn’t just see them once but twice! Hana Hou!

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Here's what our guests had to say...

Victoria L.
Victoria L.
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This tour was great with family and you get what you signed up for , great member crew , very sweet and caring crew , beautiful views of the coast and white sandy beaches. fun place to spend your day at . Thank you guys for amazing fun experience and seeing all the different water fishes and dolphins, turtles .
Emerald B
Emerald B
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Amaaaaazing tour!! It was SO cool seeing 3 different types of dolphins & then seeing sea turtles & a sunken ship on our snorkeling hour. There were soooo many people that were an absolute joy to be with on the tour & im sad I only remember a few names but Yogi, Dani, Ezra & Corrin & the entire rest of the crew & guests on the boat were really nice & totally educated about the land around us & all the things in the ocean we encountered, there was also a crown of thorns starfish sooo that was cool to see too haha definitely pay for the $79 photography package, the photos come out UNREAL & you have 30 days to continue going back & saving the photos you want, which is so helpful because I’ve been going going goin & can’t really fully look at alll of the wonderful photos & 10 minute video until I get home, but skimming through, I can tell they definitely came out so much clearer & brighter than my iPhone photos that I attached here lol which are still not bad at all but aren’t aimed as strategically & I’m just not a professional lmao
Randal T
Randal T
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I cannot recommend this group more. This was our first time snorkelling in the ocean, and this group make it such an amazing experience. The crew provided a remarkable and enjoyable experience. The food was great (highly recommend the Hawaiian snapper fish!). The crew was knowledgeable of the area and told us about the various sights along the shore. They were able to find us a pod of spinner dolphins easily. The boat allowed a great view, and while they did their best to keep the mandatory 50 yards away, it didn’t stop a few curious dolphins from swimming up to us anyway. The snorkel location they chose for us was great. We saw many fish and at least one turtle in the area. The gear they gave us was good quality, and they provided us all with diving vests which helped us feel more comfortable in the water as first timers. All in all, I would absolutely recommend this group to anyone, especially first timers to snorkeling.

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