Dolphin Diaries - May 28th, 2023

Photographer: Aidan


What an amazing day! As summer is approaching, I have been noticing how the weather here in Hawaii is starting to clear up! It was evident today of that as the sun was shining brightly across the crystal clear blue waters. This made the cruise that much better as we saw many Spinner dolphins along with some Bottlenose dolphins! A lot of the guests were gasping with excitement when they saw a baby Bottlenose dolphin swimming alongside our boat – and that’s just the start!

After watching the dolphins play, we left to see what other wildlife we might find. We pulled up to a snorkel spot in Makua and dropped anchor. The guests were ecstatic to jump into the water and explore her depths. We saw many tropical fishes, sea turtles, and even a spotted eel lurking within the coral.

I am so grateful to be out on the Hawaiian Pacific waters today with Dolphins and You. Today was easily a top 5 tour for me!

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Here's what our guests had to say...

Dolphins and You: Watch Dolphins in Oahu
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We had an amazing time! The crew was so much fun and we saw several turtles. Even my grandma made it down the water slide. 10/10 would recommend.

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