Dolphin Sail Oahu

Oahu Dolphin Sail Locations

Oahu is home to Hawaiian spinner dolphins, which rest in its shallow bays year-round.

They choose a different location to rest in every morning.

Local dolphin sail tours work together to locate them and give visitors the best view.

Read about some of the most common spots visited by dolphin sail tours.

*Dolphins often swim offshore in areas heavily trafficked by boats.
The safest way to have a dolphin encounter is by booking a dolphin sail tour

Dolphins and You is the highest-rated and longest-running Oahu dolphin sail. On this page we run through some of the locations the tour frequently sails to for an incredible experience with dolphins, sea turtles and more. 

Dolphin Sail Oahu
2 Dolphins swimming
Snorkel with dolphins off of Makua beach with Dolphins and You

Sail to Makua Beach

Beautiful Ocean View with rainbow

“Makua” in Hawaiian means “parents”. In Hawaiian culture it is believed that Makua is where all beings were born, including dolphins. 

Wild dolphins often swim offshore from this beautiful, secluded beach in the early morning. It is difficult to get to by car, so a sail is the best way to reach this area. Dolphins and You frequently visits this stunning location to watch dolphins in clear, blue waters.

Boat on a blue ocean

Sail to Electric Beach

“Electric Beach” gets its name from its proximity to a power plant in west Oahu. The electric plant disposes of heated water, which attracts lots of wildlife in the area. 

At the end of the plant’s long pipes, sea turtles, tropical fish and spinner dolphins gather to drift in the shallow and warm water. It’s an ideal location for a snorkel and sail adventure.

Snorkel with Sea Turtles in Oahu
Makaha Oahu Snorkel Tour

Sail to Makaha Beach

Makaha Turtle Rock snorkel

Makaha Beach in west Oahu is home to “turtle rock”, as it’s known to locals. The water is about 40-feet deep, with plenty of coral and sea caves.

Turtle rock is a known “cleaning station” for sea turtles. Sea turtles visit the rock so that fish in the area can clean their shells of parasites and algae. Turtle rock is too far offshore to safely swim to, so an Oahu dolphin sail is the best way to reach it.