Dolphin Eco Tour Oahu

And You Creations, Dolphins & You: Mission Statement & Vision

“It is our intention to serve humanity by creating a living bridge between the world of cultures, religious beliefs, and different lifestyles, so that we may collectivley create a unity of heart, mind, and soul.  It is throughout these experiences that we come to realize that we are truly one in spirit, and that we co-exist in a life filled with love and abundance.”

And You Creations, Dolphins & You: Sustainability Mission Statement

“And You Creations is committed to promoting and practicing environmental stewardship, cultural sensitivity, community well-being, and quality education through our tour activities and our local community.”


Dolphin swimming close to plastic bag

Dolphins are at risk from many environmental factors caused by humans. Plastic pollution, underwater noise, the captive dolphin trade and climate change all threaten dolphins’ habitat. Dolphins are one of the world’s most intelligent creatures.

The most environmentally friendly way to interact with dolphins is watching them above water. But when choosing a way to watch dolphins, some tours are more sustainable and eco-friendly than others. 

Interacting with dolphins in the ocean rather than a tank allows dolphins to stay in the wild. It’s important to know when watching dolphins that they are naturally resting during the day. Choose a low impact tour with procedures in place to reduce any disruption to the dolphins sleeping cycle allow.

Most ecotours also take a ‘look don’t touch’ approach. Sunscreen, chemicals and bacteria on human skin can be harmful to all marine life. Ecotours also tend to be more informative.

More than anything, choosing an ecotour helps to ensure that experiences like interacting with dolphins in their natural environment will be around for generations to come.

Best Oahu Tour: Dolphins and You

Dolphins and You Sustainable Tourism Certification

Hawaii Ecotourism Association Certification
The Hawaii Ecotourism Association (HEA) was established in 1995 to promote sustainable travel in Hawaii. It began a certification program in 2001, allowing local tour operators to prove that their tours are sustainable and that they promote local cultural awareness. Since then, the organization has certified hundreds of tours across the islands, including Dolphins and You.

Dolphins and You: A Dolphin Eco Tour 

Dolphins and You applies for HEA certification annually. It demonstrates its commitment to sustainable tourism and cultural practices in a number of ways.

First off, Dolphins and You works to instill an appreciation for dolphins and Hawaii’s wildlife in all of its guests. From the education video played on the bus to the guide briefing before jumping in the water, the Dolphins and You crew shares facts about dolphins and other wildlife.

Dolphins and You also has a number of rules in place while watching dolphins. These are the most important steps that are taken to make sure the dolphins are comfortable and receive as little disturbance from the encounter as possible. The rules include no splashing or yelling, no diving down on the dolphins, no chasing the dolphins, and no touching the dolphins.

Lastly, the whole crew picks up any and all trash while out at sea. They collect anything from plastic waste to huge masses of marine netting, and the trained free diving crew often swims down into the deep sea to retrieve dropped items so that they do not become marine debris. The tour also offers eco-friendly products for purchase.

Eco-friendly Products

All Dolphins and You tour guests are encouraged to consider using reef-safe sunscreen, due to the fact that regular sunscreens contain chemicals that can damage Hawaii’s delicate marine ecosystems and coral. To combat single-use plastics, the company also partnered with a local glass blower to offer reusable straws. And every guest who visits the Waikiki office is treated to a branded eco-bag, while supplies last.

Reef Safe Sunscreen
Dolphins and You gives each tour guest a complimentary eco bag at the office