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Do Dolphins Sleep?

If you’re anything like myself, at some point throughout your life you may have asked the question, do animals living in the ocean sleep, and if so, how? The short answer is yes, they do sleep. Dolphins are an animal that lives in the ocean but they are mammals, meaning they breathe oxygen, so unlike their fish neighbors they must surface for air periodically. Surely they don’t curl up on the beach for a good night’s rest, right? So the original question remains, how do they sleep?  

How smart are Dolphins?

Dolphins are among the most intellectually advanced creatures on the planet. They are actually considered the second smartest animal in the world, only behind one species which is you, a human! Humans are able to completely shut off their brain to sleep and their muscle memory will keep them breathing, that is not the case for dolphins.

How do Dolphins sleep?

Dolphins are what’s called conscious breathers, meaning they must remain at least partially awake in order to keep breathing. So how do they sleep if they must remain conscious to breathe? Dolphins are to control each hemisphere of their brain independently to shut off and rest one half while the other half is alert and keeps them breathing. To say that dolphins are just as effective while resting one side of their brain as they would be with both sides active would be false, which is why they alternate resting sides during the daytime, so when they are well rested enough to head offshore at night and hunt for their food. 

Where is the best place to see Dolphins in Hawaii?

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