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A Haven for Spinner Dolphins

On Oahu’s west side, you’ll find the breathtaking Waianae Mountains. Known as the island’s oldest region, these mountains were the first to rise from the ocean. Among them, Mount Kaala proudly claims the title of Oahu’s highest peak. And just below the Waianae Mountains rests the beautiful green Makua Valley, a home for Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins.

Natural Beauty of Makua Valley

“Makua,” meaning “parent” in Hawaiian, holds profound significance in the lore of Makua Valley. Legend designates the valley as the birthplace of humanity, with additional cultural belief labeling it a sacred space for souls on their afterlife journey.

Makua Valley thrives with nearly 50 native plants, some endangered and uniquely tied to Hawaii. Serving as a sanctuary, the valley emphasizes the importance of preserving the islands’ distinctive biodiversity. Beyond its natural wonders, Makua Valley hosts native cultural sites echoing ancient Hawaiian traditions, connecting visitors to the rich heritage of the islands. The cultural tapestry woven into the valley’s landscapes emphasizes its historical and spiritual importance.

Discover Makua Valley’s deep stories, vibrant landscapes, and cultural treasures. Join us on a journey that honors the birthplace of humanity, celebrating Hawaii’s biodiversity and heritage.

Spinner Dolphins – The Graceful Residents

Known for their acrobatic prowess and playful nature, spinner dolphins find solace in the calm waters of Makua Valley. Visitors are treated to a mesmerizing spectacle as these marine maestros leap and twirl through the air, creating an unforgettable display of natural beauty. The valley’s pristine environment offers a serene backdrop for witnessing these enchanting creatures in their element.

Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin

Dolphin Watch Tour in Makua Valley – A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

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