Dolpins and You

What to Expect on the Day of the Dolphin Tour

Aloha and welcome to the tour! Here’s what your day will look like with the amazing Dolphins and You Tour Crew.


Our Amazing Crew

This fun and exciting group of crew members is the reason why we’re the best dolphin tour in Hawaii. These people have a true passion for the sea and show you the true Aloha Spirit.

All crew members are CPR/First-Aid certified. And might we add - some of the best hula-hoopers and ukelele players on the entire island!

Traditional E’Ho Mai Ceremony

Before we see the dolphins, we all take part in the E’Ho Mai Ceremony, a traditional song written by Edith Kanaole, a well-known Hawaiian singer and cultural icon.

The song’s meaning proclaims hope that all things return to their original shape, and prayers from the Heavens. We sing this song and present flowers for a safe journey through the waters and to meet our beautiful dolphin counterparts.

Swim with Wild Dolphins

Most of the dolphins you will encounter in this region are the slightly smaller Spinner Dolphins. They get this name from the way they jump out of the water and spin in the air.

They will allow you to swim close to them if you approach slowly and don’t try to touch them. Follow your tour guides to see as much as possible!


After swimming with the dolphins, we head to an area with reef where lots of tropical fish and sea turtles gather.

Several fish will swim around you. While you hang out with the fish, we’ll take awesome photos of you underwater!


Enjoy swimming with some of Hawaii's friendliest sea creatures.

The Honu, or the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, is a gentle gliding beauty.

Ocean Activities

After you finish snorkeling, why not try out our kayak or stand-up paddle board?

You can ride along with the crew or venture out on your own! Don’t forget to try out our water slide, too.

Fresh Natural Beef Burger

While you play in the water, the Captain will grill you a special Hawaiian cheeseburger! Or a veggie burger, if you prefer.

Bite into our purple Hawaiian Taro buns. We also hand out fresh pineapple! Mmmmm Ono! 'Ono' means 'delicious' in Hawaiian. Mahalo, Captain!